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Romanian Motorways Review - Q1 2020

28 March 2020. (c) 130km.ro.

No new motorway sections were opened to traffic in Romania in the first three months of 2020. Find below an update on the status of all Romanian motorways and motorway projects.

A0 MOTORWAY (Bucharest South Ringroad)

Contractors selected and contracts signed for all three sections of the Southern part of this motorway (estimated completion in 2023). Tenders in progress for the four sections of the Northern part.

A1 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Nadlac)

Bucharest - Pitesti: Entire length open to traffic.

Pitesti - Sibiu: works started on section 1, Sibiu - Boita; tenders in progress for sections 4 (Tigveni - Curtea de Arges) and 5 (Curtea de Arges - Pitesti). Estimated opening date is 2023 and beyond.

Sibiu ringroad, Sibiu - Orastie and Orastie - Deva sections are all open to trafic.

The next part, Deva - Lugoj, is open on almost its entire length with the exception of 13.5km on section 2 which could be completed in a few years following a new tender process.

The other sections of A1, namely Lugoj - Timisoara, Timisoara - Arad and Arad - Nadlac, are all open to traffic. Thus, the only segment not available as a motorway between Sibiu and Nadlac consists of 13.5km between Cosevita and Margina (part of Lugoj - Deva section 2).

A3 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Bors)

Bucharest - Ploiesti: full length open to traffic.

Ploiesti - Brasov: The only allocated contract is for section Rasnov - Cristian (6.30km, opening date: 2020), where works are progressing nicely. The Public-Private Partnership tender procedure for the Comarnic - Brasov section was canceled.

Brasov - Targu Mures: This section was dropped from official plans with access to Transylvania replaced by A10 Sebes - Turda.

Targu Mures - Gilau: 52km on this section are open to traffic between Campia Turzii and Gilau. Two sections on Campia Turzii - Targu Mures are also open (Ogra - Campia Turzii Section 1, 3.60km and Targu Mures - Ogra Section 2, 10.11km), with the remaining under construction and scheduled for opening in 2020.

Gilau - Bors: Section Gilau - Nadaselu is open (9.47km), while a tender procedure is in progress for the following section, Nadaselu - Mihaiesti. Other tender procedures in progress for three out of five sections on Mihaiesti - Suplacu de Barcau. Finally, contractors selected for two sections on Suplacu de Barcau - Bors, namely Chiribis - Biharia (28.55km) and Biharia - Bors (5.35km); tender procedure for section Suplacu de Barcau - Chiribis (26.35km) was canceled in November 2019

A7 MOTORWAY (Bacau Ringroad)

Works progressing nicely for the Bacau Ringroad, part of which is included in the route of A7 Ploiesti - Pascani motorway. Estimated opening date: 2021.

A10 MOTORWAY (Sebes - Turda)

Segments 3 (Aiud - Decea, 12.45km) and 4 (Decea - Turda, 16.30km) open to traffic. Announced for opening in 2019, segments 1 and 2 are behind schedule and will possibly be opened in 2020.


Contracts signed and works started for the first two sections of DX12 expressway Craiova - Pitesti, the first expressway under construction in Romania (estimated opening date in 2021): Section I.Craiova - Robanesti (17.70km), Section II.Robanesti - Slatina lot 1 (Robanesti - Branet, 18.50km) and Section II.Robanesti - Slatina lot 2 (Branet - Slatina, 21.35km). Tender procedures for sections 3.Slatina - Colonesti (31.75km) and 4.Colonesti - A1 (31.81km) are in progress.


Motorways A2: Bucharest - Constanta and A4: Constanta Ringroad are open to traffic. Also, 11km between Balint and Lugoj ringroad are open on the proposed A6 Lugoj - Calafat motorway and 3.5km between Arad and DN7 are open on the proposed A11 Arad - Oradea motorway.


Targu Mures - Iasi - Ungheni: Tender in progress for update of feasibility study for section Targu Mures - Targu Neamt. Update of feasibility study in progress for Sibiu - Fagaras motorway, and tender procedures launched for feasibility study updates for Brasov - Bacau and Timisoara - Moravita motorways.