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Romanian Motorways Review Q1 2019

29 March 2019. (c) 130km.ro.

No new motorway sections were opened in Romania in the first three months of 2019, but a number of new tender procedures were announced. Find below a review of relevant news for each Romanian motorway project:

A0 MOTORWAY (Bucharest South Motorway)

Tenders completed and contractors selected for all three sections of the Bucharest South Ringroad (total length: 50.8km). Contract signed for section 2 with opening date in 2022; contract signing in progress for the other two sections (allocation procedure challgenge for at least one of them).

A1 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Nadlac)

Bucharest - Pitesti: Entire length opened to traffic as of the writing of this article.

Pitesti - Sibiu: Tenders in progress for all five sections, with some formalities due to be finalized before works can start. Contractor selected for section 1 with contracted signing expected in the near future. Sibiu ringroad is opened to traffic (17.2km).

Sections Sibiu - Orastie and Orastie - Deva: are open to trafic. As for Deva - Lugoj, segment 1 (Traian Vuia - Sanovita) and 15km of segment 2 (Margina - Traian Vuia) are open to traffic. Opening expected in 2019 for 4km on segment 2 and segments 3 and 4 (with the difference for section 2 expected after 2020).

Lugoj - Timisoara, Timisoara - Arad and Arad - Nadlac are all open to traffic.

A3 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Bors)

Bucharest - Ploiesti: full length open to traffic after remaining 6.51km opened in December 2018.

Ploiesti - Brasov: Works started in late 2018 for segment Rasnov-Cristian (6.3km) on Comarnic-Brasov. Tender launched for Ploiesti - Brasov motorway as a Public Private Partenrship in 2018. Only one contractor left in the tender procedure according to recent reports.

Brasov - Targu Mures: This section was dropped from official plans, with access to Transylvania replaced by A10 Sebes - Turda, currently under construction.

Targu Mures - Gilau: 52km on this section are open to traffic between Campia Turzii and Gilau. Two sections on Campia Turzii - Targu Mures opened in December 2018 (Ogra - Campia Turzii Section 1, 3.60km and Targu Mures - Ogra Section 2, 10.11km), with works in progress for the remaining sections (some of which are scheduled for opening in 2019).

Gilau - Bors: Gilau - Nadaselu opened to traffic (9.47km). One contract sigend in 2018 for a section of Suplacu de Barcau - Bors and tenders in progress for the other two sections (one of the procedures is challenged). New tenders launched in 2019 for Nadaselu - Mihaiesti and for 3 out of 5 sections on Mihaiesti - Suplacu de Barcau.

A7 MOTORWAY (Bacau Ringroad)

Works in progress for Bacau Ringroad, part of which is included in the route for ther A7 Ploiesti - Pascani motorway. A10 MOTORWAY (Sebes - Turda)

Segments 3 (Aiud - Decea, 12.45km) and 4 (Decea - Turda, 16.30km) opened in 2018, with works in progress on segments 1 and 2, scheduled for opening in 2019 (opening date could be extended in 2020).


Tender for updating of feasibility study for the Targu Mures - Targu Neamt launched in early 2019. New tenders possible in the near future for the Bucharest North Ringroad.


Motorways A2: Bucharest - Constanta and A4: Constanta Ringroad are completed with entire length open to traffic. Additionally, 11km between Balint and Lugoj ringroad are opened on the proposed A6 Lugoj - Calafat motorway and 3.5km between Arad and DN7 are opened on the proposed A11 Arad - Oradea motorway.