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Romanian Motorways Review Q2 2017

02 July 2017. (c) 130km.ro.

Find below a review of relevant news for each Romanian motorway project published in the past three months:

I. A1 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Nadlac)

Bucharest - Pitesti: The entire length is now open to traffic.

Pitesti - Sibiu: OOngoing preparations for launching tenders for sections 1 (Sibiu - Boita, 13 km) and 5 (Curtea de Arges - Pitesti, 30 km); tenders to be launched soon. The announced opening date of the entire length is 2020, though it might be extended. Sibiu ringroad is opened to traffic (17.2 km).

Sibiu - Orastie: Entire length opened to traffic as of the writing of this article.

Orastie - Deva: Entire length opened to traffic as of the writing of this article.

Deva - Lugoj: Works in progress for segment 3 (Ilia - Cosevita, 21 km, 79% of works completed) and 4 (Soimus - Ilia, 22 km, 58%); official opening dates are September and December 2017, but 2018 is a more realistic deadline. Segment 1 and 15 km of segment 2 are open; the completion of segment 2 is dependent on several ecoducts for which the tender hasn't yet been launched.

Lugoj - Timisoara, Timisoara - Arad and Arad - Nadlac are all open.

II. A3 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Bors)

Bucharest - Ploiesti: 55.5 km of this section are open to traffic. Work continues on the final 3.3 km of the remaining 6.5 km on this section. The opening date will be re-confirmed by the end of the year 2017.

Ploiesti - Brasov: Contract awarded for a short 6 km section between Rasnov and Cristian, with works expected to start in July. No other relevant news and no other sections are under construction or open to traffic. Please note: The section between Brasov and Targu Mures is no longer included in the Government plans; instead, it is being replaced by the alternative A10 Sebes - Turda motorway.

Targu Mures - Gilau: 52 km on this section are opened to traffic, the remaining 56.5 km of work is progressing on 4 out of 5 segments; two of these segments (about 15 km) could be opened by the end of the year.

Gilau - Bors: Gilau - Nadasel section is partially completed, but will not be opened due to a missing bridge over Somesul Mic; a contractor was selected for building the bridge, with works expected to be completed by April 2018. A contract has been signed for the Nadasel - Mihaiesti; there is no additional information concering this issue. (works are expected to be completed by April 2018).

III. A10 MOTORWAY (Sebes - Turda)

Works in progress on all four segments, slowed down due to various procedures and problems. The completion of segments 3 and 4 are estimated to be in 2017; though it is more likely that only segment 3 will be completed. It is estimated that the completion of segment 1 and 2 should be in 2018.


The only segment open on A6: Lugoj - Calafat consists of 11 km opened in 2013; this route will not be extended via motorway. The only segment open on A11: Arad - Oradea consists of 3.5 km connecting A1 and DN7.

The feasibility study review contract on Targu Mures - Iasi - Ungheni motorway is still suspended. Feasibility study review in progress for Sibiu - Fagaras (Brasov). The planned Craiova - Pitesti motorway was changed to express road, with roadworks expected to start in 2018. There is renewed interest for Timisoara - Belgrade motorway, but discussions proved fruitless.


Motorways A2: Bucharest - Constanta and A4: Constanta Ringroad are completed, with entire length opened to traffic.