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Romanian Motorways Quarterly Review - Q1 2015

27 March 2015. (c) 130km.ro.

The first quarter of 2015 saw some intersting news on Romanian motorway tenders and construction projects (without any new actual openings, though). Find below a review of relevant news for each Romanian motorway project.

I. A1 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Nadlac)

Bucharest - Pitesti: Entire length opened to traffic as of the writing of this article.

Pitesti - Sibiu: This section remains a priority for the Romanian Government. A tender for a new feasibility study was launched and subsequently challenged. Estimated opening dates for this section range between 2018 and 2022.

Sibiu - Orastie: Entire length opened to traffic as of the writing of this article.

Orastie - Deva: Entire length opened to traffic as of the writing of this article.

Deva - Lugoj: There was some news on current works (which seem to be advancing) and on various challenges encountered along the way. 17km of segment 1 of this section are currently open for traffic; estimated opening dates for segments currently under construction are April 2015 (the remainder of segment 1 and 17km of segment 2) and May 2016 (the remainder of segment 2 and segments 3-4).

Lugoj - Timisoara: Works in progress on segment 2 (segment 1 already opened to traffic). Estimated opening dates on segment 2 are April 2015 (6km) and end of 2015 (the remainder).

Timisoara - Arad: Entire length opened to traffic as of the writing of this article.

Arad - Nadlac: Works continue on 11km of segment 2 which has not yet been opened to traffic; estimated opening date is June 2015. The remainder of segment 2 and segment 1 are already open.

II. A3 MOTORWAY (Bucharest - Bors)

Bucharest - Ploiesti: 55.5km of this section are open to traffic. The remaining 6.5km are more challenging: the estimated opening date for 3.2km is 2016, while the date for the remaining 3.3km is unknown (contract for this length was canceled).

Ploiesti - Brasov: Nothing new for the Comarnic-Brasov section, the contract with the selected consortium has not been signed yet. The most recently-announced date for reaching a conclusion regarding signing is April 2015.

Brasov - Targu Mures: No news on this section.

Targu Mures - Gilau: This section saw the most interesting news of the past quarter. Winning bidders for the five segments of section Targu Mures - Campia Turzii were announced in the past few weeks (section Campia Turzii - Gilau is already opened to traffic). Contracts for four out of these five segments have already been signed, while the fifth was challenged. Estimated opening dates for these segments is in 2016.

Gilau - Bors: Some news on this section as well, with a tender announced for segment Nadasel - Mihaiesti (estimated opening date in 2016), which follows segment Gilau - Nadasel, currently under development.

III. A10 MOTORWAY (Sebes - Turda)

Some pictures and video with works on all four segments of this motorway were published recently showing good progress. Opening dates in 2016.


No notable news on other planned motorway projects, with the exception of some general discussion on future motorways strategy in Romania. No news on the A6 Motorway (Lugoj - Calafat) on which only 11km are opened to traffic with no plans on developing new segments.


Motorways A2: Bucharest - Constanta and A4: Constanta Ringroad are completed with entire length opened to traffic.