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Romanian Motorways Review - Q3 2014

01 October 2014. (c) 130km.ro.

No significant progress in Q3 for Romanian motorway projects. See below the most important news for each project under construction or planned.

I. A1 MOTORWAY (Bucuharest - Nadlac)

Pitesti - Sibiu: There was some conflicting news regarding the feasibility study for this segment. The deadline for submitting offers was extended until 23 September. In the General Transport Masterplan for Romania the Pitesti - Sibiu strech was designated as an express road and not a motorway; the European Commission has indicated that Pitesti - Sibiu should be a priority for Romania.

Orastie - Sibiu: After the deadline for opening traffic on segment 3 was confirmed for 15 November, bad news was reported by the end of September. Work on this segment was stopped due to CNADNR debts to contractors and some missing licenses. By the end of September the issue hadn't been resolved.

Deva - Lugoj: Work started on segments 2, 3 and 4 with the latter being more advanced. It was reported that 10 km of Lugoj - Deva segment 1 (already completed but not opened due to lack of access road) might open in 2014 if a stretch of 6 km of Timisoara - Lugoj will also be completed by the end of the year.

Lugoj - Timisoara: New video of this segment was published, but no material news (except the possibility of opening 6 km by the end of the year, as mentioned above).

Arad - Nadlac: Work on segment 1 is progressing nicely; this segment might still open by the end of the year. Some more good news for Arad - Nadlac: a new contract was signed for resuming work on Segment 2, after cancelation of the previous contract. The contract was signed with Astaldi SpA - Max Boegl Romania SRL (the same consortium working for segment 1).

II. A3 MOTORWAY Bucharest - Bors)

Bucuresti - Ploiesti: No new deadline was announced following the cancelation of the contract for the remaining 6.5 km of Bucharest - Ploiesti still under construction (which cannot open earlier than 2016, according to press reports).

Ploiesti - Brasov: Still no news on the signing of the contract for Comarnic - Brasov. According to most recent news, signing parties are "close to finalising all details" for this contract.

Brasov - Targu Mures: It was announced that works may resume in the future for this segment; no financing sources have been identified, though. Deadline for opening: 2017.

Targu Mures - Gilau: It was announced that works may resume in the future for Targu Mures - Gilau as well, with the same deadline (2017). For Campia Turzii - Targu Mures offers received in the bid were opened; it was announced that EU funds will be used to finance Campia Turzii - Targu Mures.

Gilau - Bors: Once again works may resume in the future with a 2017 deadline. For Gilau - Nadasel specifically works should have started in august, but no progress can be seen in the most recent published images.

III. A10 MOTORWAY (Sebes - Turda)

Works started on segments 3 and 4 and winners were announced for segments 1 and 2 (Impresa Pizzarotti & C. SpA - Pomponio Constructii SRL for segment 1, and Aktor SA - Euroconstruct Trading SRL for segment 2). This selection process may be challenged according to legal provisions in force.


Targu Mures - Ungheni: New statements supporting this motorway project were published, but no actual plans.

Sibiu - Fagaras: Challenges to the bid for updating the feasibility study were accepted.

Craiova - Pitesti: This motorway project was indicated as a priority by the European Commission in the General Transport Masterplan for Romania.

Belgrade - Timisoara: New statements in favor of this motorway from both Romanian and Serbian officials.